Haunted TreeTrails Mystic Events

Haunted TreeTrails - October Special

October is the Month of Scary Fun at TreeTrails

Climb with us the month of October in our Haunted TreeTrails forest. Scary climbs all month long that end with a costume party and parade on, October 30th, All Hallows Eve, where winners receive free swag, tickets to climb, and lots of surprises!

Spooky Glow in the Park

You Loved Glow in the Park - Now Try it with Your Scare On

Yes, bring your best monster mash moves and dance at our Spooky Haunted TreeTrails Glow Nights in October. Climb in our haunted park, wear your haunted glowables that we provide, and have a haunted good time. If you haven’t tried climbing, now is the time as cooler temperatures prevail.

Glow in the Park tickets are $56. We recommend advance reservations – the lights, the music, and the spooky glow are very popular!